Simple Happiness

“Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes but it’s often the little moments of joy that can have the most impact.” 

“Be calm. Be free. Be yourself.” – Calm by Michael Acton Smith

Transition periods are always the hardest for me. I always have so many questions. Uncertainties. Worries. Doubts. Will my boss actually be kind to me and respect me? Will I be able to still workout at the same time every day? Will Cedar (my little puppy) be okay? Will I be happy? Will there not be enough freedom left for me to explore? Will I be too tired or overwhelmed? Will I be able to continue to do yoga?

While I know that some of these questions and thoughts do have validity, most of them don’t. My current state of life isn’t what I want it to be so it can only really get better from here. I have to trust in myself that I will continue to make the right decisions moving forward.

But first, I want to remind myself of what makes me light up so I never forget what is important to me being me amidst the chaos of change.

  • A hot cup of tea on a rainy day with soft indie music in the background
  • Paddle boarding and kayaking to a new spot
  • Being on or near the water – letting it hug my soul
  • Sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand and the sun beating down on me with a slight breeze
  • The final steps when I see the beautiful view at the end of the hike
  • Being immersed in different cultures through traveling
  • My puppy when he has found one of my socks or when he bunny hops along the dog park
  • Pure, organic yummy chocolate bar
  • Feeling my body move at Ice Chamber with strength and gentle grace
  • Reading a good book outside amidst the nature with no distractions
  • Yoga at Green Yogi – relaxing, beautiful and calm
  • Scoring or assisting the score for a goal in soccer
  • Watching, listening to, and smelling the ocean with no distractions
  • Taking a warm mid-day nap
  • Cuddling with my boyfriend under a large comforter and watching a TV show
  • Yoga spandex with unique designs
  • Painted toes
  • Grocery shopping, especially for fresh seafood and veggies/fruits
  • Learning about kindness, wellness and peace via books and articles
  • Watermelon juice
  • Photography
  • Vibrant colors and storytelling
  • Birds tweeting near me on a walk
  • That moment when you deeply connect with someone for the first time
  • Country music and line dancing
  • Clutter-free living
  • Full body massage
  • Moments helping people realize their true potential and passions




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