Welcome to Calm Island

“If you were to design a whole island for yourself, a place that had the specific purpose of helping you feel as calm as possible, what would you put in it? What would it be like? Where would you sleep, what music would be playing, what would you eat, where would you unwind?” – Calm by Michael Acton Smith

I would love to be in a place filled with vibrant flora and fauna that intrigued my mind: colors and smells of all sorts. Water everywhere – beaches, waterfalls, warm rain. I’m imagining beautiful red flowers with orange centers. This island would be filled with creative, vibrant, transparent, earthy people: painters, dancers, philosophers, yogis, poets, gardeners. The goal would be to learn something new every day from a different trade by a specific person. The clothing would be free – it would bring comfort and ease. There would be animals of all sorts that we lived near but were not afraid of. I would have a farm of all different types of animals.

I would sleep in this huge King sized comfy bed with tons of blankets of all colors and comfy pillows of all shapes and sizes: blues, greens, yellows, peaches. I would want the place I would live in to be wood-based, earthy, cabin-like but also modern with tons of windows, sun-light and a back-side that looked out onto the warm beach and ocean. I would want to feel like we lived among a great number of people, and with me constantly meeting new people with new trades and things to make life a better, more beautiful place to live in.

The music would be acoustic with raw guitar, drumming, vocals, harps, and basic instruments. I would eat raw, organic, sustainable foods that are beyond fresh and cooked in the most exquisite ways. For me, it would be about treasuring the pureness of each bite. We have lost what it is to be grateful, and on my Calm Island, the nature would be that of gratitude and compassion.

I would unwind by learning about how people are changing this island for better and by moving my body in creative ways like singing, dance, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, playing sports like children (hide and go seek, soccer, etc.) and yoga. I would want to serve on some sort of leadership board to help bring forward sustainability of this beautiful, unique, special atmosphere created on the island.

What would your island look like? 


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